Recycled Polyester


      Plastic bottles recycled into performance fibers.

      Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. What if you could help solve the plastic garbage problem with products you can wear every day? You can with leggings and active wear by Soul Space.As sustainability in fashion continues to grow, so do the options for eco-friendly materials.

       Pervasive and largely non-biodegradable, plastic is one of the planet’s greatest pollutants. The statistics are familiar: Every toothbrush ever made is still out there, plastic will outnumber fish in the ocean by 2050, and up to 10 million plastic bags are used every minute across the globe. Banning plastic is a significant step but what about its existing burden on landfills and oceans? The answer may lie in reinventing what we discarded.

       A T-shirt made from the recycled PET bottles save 15 bottles from ending up in landfills. We do our share by removing the man-made waste that pollutes our planet and turning it into something beautiful and practical for our everyday lives. Our active wear has become an exercise in sustainability.

       Designing with sustainable materials is filled with challenges, from sourcing materials to executing the designs. The whole value chain needs to be planned and made transparent.The recycled yarns offer innovative performance and fashion aspects, including UV and sun protection, antibacterial and moisture wicking qualities, and it is surprisingly soft for being made out of plastic bottles! It is then knitted to create a blend of: 57% recycled PET, xxx organic cotton and xxx spandex that is the fabric of this collection of active wear.

       Responsible labor standards and environmental practices are also a consideration. With fair trade and ethical labor practices, organic cotton and recycled plastic,we do our part to provide consumers with high-performance active wear while protecting both people and planet by protecting resources and making the environment cleaner.

      28 products

      28 products