Sports Bra


      Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

      Gym and Exercising become a regular part of our lifestyle. Therefore, the requirement of sports bras has become very crucial for women who perform regular workouts like yoga and others. Preventing saggy breasts, reducing pain after high-intensity exercise, absorbing sweats, and supporting your breasts after surgery, you must consider buying a sports bra to maintain the shape and take care of your breasts. To stay cool, comfortable, and easy during your workout session, a sports bra offers numerous benefits to girls and women. 

      Tips to Choose a Sports Bra

      It is a daunting task to pick an ideal sports bra for you. some vital tips for you:


      To prevent tearing, always choose sturdy fabric while you choose a sports bra online. Besides, during any physical workout, you have heavy sweatiness. The fabric should have a sweat-absorbing feature to keep the user cool and comfortable. 

      Choose the right fabric when shop for sports bras online. Any workout session makes you sweated. Therefore, the fabric must have sweat-absorbing features.

      How long can you keep wearing a sports bra? 

      There is no such rule about how many hours you wear your sports bra. If it is comfortable, you can wear it as long as you prefer. If you sweat heavily during a workout and your bra gets wet, you can change it to maintain hygiene and health. Otherwise, there is no time limit to keep your sports bra in your body. 

      Is it possible for my yoga and running bras to be the same?

      Yoga is not an intense workout. So, there is no need to wear a high-impact sports bra during your yoga session, but you can buy low impact sports bra for practicing yoga. My Soul Space has a collection of sports bras for various designs, shapes, and sizes. Choose one and enhance your comfort during yoga. 

      How to care for your sports bra?

      To care for your intimate wear, always use mild detergent and prefer hand washing. As you sweat heavily while running or exercising, wash your sports bra after every use for enhanced hygiene. 

      How often should you need the replacement of your sports bra? 

      When you choose My Soul Space, you are free from tension about the quality of your sports bras. These are long-lasting with no wear and tear. Only you can change your bra when it is no more stretchable, straps become loose and overused. Sports bras from My Soul Space are used by women years after years with no faults and problems.

      23 products

      23 products